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June 16, 2015

Whitney & Grady's Engagement Session

I'm excited to share with you the engagement session I had in early spring with Whitney & Grady. They were in town for their tasting for their upcoming wedding at Cranwell Resort & Spa and we agreed to meet together on Sunday morning. I am so glad they did. As I have mentioned before, I think engagement sessions are so important!  What I love the most about an engagement shoot is that it gives us a chance to meet and to get to know each other. As your photographer, I will be around you much of your wedding day and if we can get the chance to have some fun leading up to your wedding, it gets us off to a fantastic start. 

Engagement sessions are also a great way to practice being in front of the camera and get the reassurance that you look fantastic in photos together. We pick a fun location especially one that is meaningful to you both. 

Grady expressed that water was important to him so we headed to Stockbridge Bowl. At this time the lake was still frozen but of course it was still so beautiful against the backdrop of the Berkshire Mountains. I love the way these two are with one another, they are so comfortable together and so in love. 

Whitney & Grady both said what I love to hear after an engagement session, "That was actually a lot of fun!". There you have it, you do not have to dread the engagement session, it's actually so helpful! 

I love how these images captured the playful and fun side of this wonderful couple. I cannot wait to be there when they marry in November. This is the couple that will be the finale of a busy 2015 season! 

See you soon Whitney & Grady!