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January 18, 2016

Chelsea and Mike's Engagement Session at Laurel Hill

I met up with Chelsea and Mike for their engagement session at Laurel Hill in Stockbridge, MA, on October 17th, and boy, were they so much fun to work with! 

They had the best story every for how they met, too. Chelsea and her best friend had been at a Halloween party a few weeks prior to that night, and after that party, they had not been able to stop talking about a guy who had been dressed as a chicken and was the life of the party. Then, one night, they were in a bar in Boston when her best friend nearly tackled her out of her excitement to announce, “THE CHICKEN IS HERE.”

Well, how could Chelsea pass up an opportunity like that? She met “Chicken Little” and danced and talked with him all night—she didn’t even find out his real name until the night was over and they were exchanging numbers. Chelsea said that his chicken impression truly sold her on the idea of a first date.

They got engaged while they were on vacation in Italy with her family. Mike had actually been waiting to pop the question when they got to the Amalfi Coast, but he decided halfway through the trip that he couldn’t wait that long. He wanted to propose at the Trevi Fountain during their first night in Rome, but unfortunately, it was closed for construction. He went on the hunt for a new fountain and announced, “Let’s make a wish!” And then, as Chelsea opened her eyes after throwing the coin, he was down on one knee.

As you can tell, these two love to laugh with each other. They love to goof off and make faces at each other, and even though they were a little nervous in front of the camera, I think they did a great job expressing that part of themselves. There were also some beautifully nice romantic pictures, to show that they not only had fun in their lives but real, lasting love as well. 

It was also fun to get some shots with their puppy, Rambo. He’s a 5-year-old rottie who, as Chelsea put it, “thinks he is a 10lb lap dog.” He was just so friendly!

Thanks again, Chelsea & Mike, for letting me be part of this exciting time for you both! It was so fun to get to meet and laugh with you, and I’m looking forward to your wedding!