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August 8, 2011


I know that pictures are precious. This one is to me. In February 2008 when my youngest was 6 weeks, I had Dre, a photographer and owner of Open Shade Studios come to our home and take our family portraits. Dre captured this shot of me in the nursery holding Connor after I had just fed him.

I love this picture because when I look at it I can remember what it was like to sit in that room, tired but happy, as I held my baby and rocked him back to sleep. I can remember peeking over their crib to check that they were still sleeping and pausing to stare awhile. I can picture every detail of that room that we created in excited anticipation of the birth of our first born.

I've been looking at this picture all weekend. We painted over the light green walls on Saturday and there is no trace of the "Alphabet Soup" theme left.  We're making room for a pull-out sofa, a TV and a bookshelf. Our nursery will become a much needed guest room this week.

This picture will be displayed somewhere in my home so I can be reminded of that room and that time in my life. This picture is priceless to me.