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Kind Words from Meaghan & Matt

There aren't enough kind words to describe how amazing Tricia truly is. After seeing her photography from numerous other weddings and getting to know her on a personal level from attending her fitness classes, I knew from before I was even engaged that we would not choose another photographer but her. After seeing my photographs and spending the most important day of my life with her, I know that we made the absolute best choice. Even my husband, who does not like to have his photo taken, left our engagement session saying how much fun he had. Tricia has the personality that makes you feel so comfortable with her right from the very beginning. An hour into our day she knew everyone in the wedding party by name and was wonderful at rounding them all up when needed...She is extremely organized and has her time frames down pat. She knows exactly what time to plan each set of photos to make sure you are able to get everything in and still have time to enjoy your reception. She even had a plan that morning for photos in place when I woke up to the threat of a lot of rain...Tricia's assistant did not miss anything either and there wasn't one shot missing that I would have wanted...Tricia is truly an incredible photographer and my husband and I would highly recommend her to anyone!