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Kind Words from Tugce & Stephen

Tricia, Tricia, Tricia and Lisa!!! What can I say... They are an amazing team. From the first email to the speaking on the phone, you can totally feel the energy! I think this is what happens when you love your job! I was a very low maintenance bride. Venue, perfect, hair and makeup, my husband found it, and it was perfect. But there was only one subject that I was very stingy and nervous about, photos... I have been looking at Tricia's photos from the time we picked the venue and telling myself that we either can't afford, or she was already booked. Then I took the courage to email her and voila! If there is something called luck, this is pure sheer luck! Our wedding day was perfect! Tricia and Lisa were right on time, and they were even running around like a part of the wedding party! (Even I remember Tricia running after my hair artist because I forgot to tip her) They are basically your best friends for the day! They accommodated all our requests for the photos and tried to keep everyone happy. Tricia's knowledge on Berkshires definitely makes you calm for the pictures. We were expected to be rained on right when we were taking our outdoor pictures and I emailed Tricia at around 7am telling this, and she responded me with a very calm email that it may not rain, and even if it is, she knows a lot of places to go. At the end it didn't rain. Her knowledge makes the day perfect. My advice? Cut down from every piece of the wedding day you get and hire them! They make a big difference. I am so lucky and happy that they were a part of our day. Now, I can't wait for all the pictures, sure they will come out beautiful!