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Featured Berkshire County Wedding Vendors - Carolyn Valenti Flowers

With the recent launch of my new website, I've decided to feature vendors who service Berkshire County weddings and who are exceptional at their craft. Along with an interview, I'm excited to feature some images of their work that I've captured from real weddings. 

How appropriate it is to kick off this new section with the beautiful, wonderful, over-the-top talented Carolyn Valenti. Today Carolyn celebrates her 20th year anniversary as a floral designer! I absolutely LOVE her work. I sat down recently to ask Carolyn some questions about herself and being in the flower business here in Berkshire County. Here's what she had to say....


 Tricia: How did you become a floral designer?

Carolyn: I was working with my husband on his business, Steven Valenti Clothing for Men and we were involved with helping an annual gala for 200 to benefit Hancock Shaker Village. I was asked to be in charge of tables & chairs and when the organizers felt I did a great job that first year, they put me in charge of decorations for next year's gala. That year I was given a $200 budget and I made it look really good. After that I got asked to be the florist for the opening night at Tanglewood. That developed into the role of "house florist" at Tanglewood. Things just moved on from there. 


Tricia: What's something that many people may not know about you? 

Carolyn: Many may not realize that I am a dancer. It happended by accident. My husband got chosen to be in a Berkshire County Dancing with the Stars competition and I was sooo jealous. I wanted to be in it! Then as it happened, one of the girls in the competition had to have back surgery and she backed out. I raised my hand to participate. I was sent to Albany for a lesson and was paired with a Russian dancer.  During that first lesson, he  told me that I knew what I was doing. I was hooked!! I haven't stopped since. It is the best thing for me emotionally, physcially and mentally. I practice every Wednesday and I compete 1x a year. I particuarly love the Argentian Tango, Smooth Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha-cha.


Tricia: What is your favorite flower?

Carolyn: Cymbidium Orchids


Tricia: Tell us one of your most interesting experiences at a wedding.

Carolyn: Hmmm...well, I remember a bride was wearing a Vera Wang gown and as she left her ceremony and headed to the reception the entire zipper down the back of her dress completely fell apart. I had told the bride a few months prior that I knew how to sew, so in quick thinking and a panic, the bride had the maitre d' at Wheatleigh find a sewing kit and approach me. I went up to her room and for 30 minutes sewed up her dress. She headed to her reception and none of her guests even knew there was a problem. 


Tricia: Tell us about an interesting request you've had from a wedding client. 

Carolyn: I was collaborating with a client who expressed her interest in having a special floral arrangement for her outdoor ceremony. The bride gave me a vague description and sweetly named what she was looking for as "circle of goodness". It wasn't a description, it was a feeling. I am happy to say we made it happen as she envisioned. 


Tricia: What is a reoccuring description of your work?

Carolyn: Many clients can't organize their feelings about what they are looking for. I take them from start to finish. I can see that they feel so much better. I can design what they are looking for, show them online and most of my clients say "this is EXACTLY what I wanted",


Tricia: What is the biggest change in the wedding industry that you have seen in the last 20 years?

Carolyn: Clients are so much more informed now. Through online resources especially Pinterest, clients are much more knowledgeable about what they are looking for. This makes it so much more for me.


Tricia: What is something new that you'd like to do?

Carolyn: This is a tough question, hmmmm...a celebrity wedding would certainly be fun!


Tricia: Why do you love working in the Berkshires?

Carolyn: Are you kidding? I love it here!! I'm able to work in these amazing venues all over Berkshire County. It's the history, the charm and even the weather provides interest. For example, even a February wedding is beautiful and romantic with snow and all the fireplaces going. 


Thank you Carolyn!! Here are just a few examples of her amazing work.


 "Circle of Goodness" for outdoor ceremony at Cranwell Resort & Spa

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