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Sonya Heimann - Hair & Makeup Stylist

Featuring vendors who are exceptional at servicing Berkshire County weddings has been a lot of fun for me and I've received some great feedback about it. 

This idea came after talking to many engaged couples who have their wedding here in Berkshire County and find it challenging sometimes to find the right vendors for their day. Most agree that it was word-of-mouth referrals that proved to be the most helpful to them. They trusted another vendor's recommendations or another bride or groom who had a good experience. Two weeks ago, I kicked off this part of my website by featuring Floral Designer Carolyn Valenti, her interview can be found here

This time, it's Sonya Heimann, master hair & makeup stylist. Sonya helps make brides and their bridal parties beautiful onsite at Seven Salon or will go on location to where the bridal party is getting ready. I've seen Sonya in action and she is the ultimate professional. She has a way of making brides feel absolutely calm and reassured while making them absolutely beautiful. 

Read on to hear more about Sonya's style and approach:

Tricia: How did you become a hair and makeup stylist?

Sonya: I moved to the Berkshire 12 years ago from California. Prior to the move, I was working in Insurance. I figured the move could provide a fresh start in a new career and I decided I wanted to go to cosmetology school. 


Tricia: "What do you love about living and working in the Berkshires?"

Sonya: "It's the scenery here that makes it so special. I love working here as a stylist because it's a destination spot for weddings and I get to work with people from really all over the world. I've recently had brides from South Africa, India and Europe. I have a lot of wedding clients who are coming in from places all over the country to celebrate their wedding day here in the beautiful Berkshires." 


Tricia: "Tell us what you love most about doing weddings."

Sonya: "When hair and makeup are being done, it is such an important time in the day. There is lots of anticipation about what's ahead. I can be calming and reassuring for my clients. Usually I'm hugging and kissing the bride, mom and the grandmother as they leave. I love to have people look and feel beautiful on their special day."  


 Tricia: "What's something that many people may not know about you?" 

Sonya: "I'm a damn good driver, Tricia! (laughs) Put me in NYC, LA...any city....there is no place that would freak me out to drive in. I can parellel park like no one's business!" 


 Tricia: "What is your favorite style for a bride?"

Sonya: "I love a hair style that looks soft and is put up. I like makeup that looks natural, I'm drawn to a soft pink on the cheek and a berry tinted lip." 


 Tricia: "What is the biggest change in  wedding hair and makeup style that you have seen in the last few years?"

Sonya: "There are a lot more brides that are wearing their hair down. I'm seeing fewer updos!  There's definitely a less formal look to weddings currently.  Brides, their moms and their bridal parties all seem to be embracing wearing their hair to show it's natural texture, including more waves and natural looking curls. For bridesmaids there is a lot of interest in having styles that incorporate braids."


Tricia: "What is something new that you'd like to do?"

"I'd love to do a vintage, 40s esque style on a bride but with a modern, fresh look. I love a hair style that incorporating a bird cage and curls. I envision makeup that shows a beautifully lined eye with a red lip." (Check out last year's Styled Shoot where Sonya styled the bridal model with this look: Cranwell Styled Shoot - just so beautiful!)     


Thank you Sonya - I'm excited to share some images that showcase the beautiful styling she has provided for so many people's wedding day. - 413.441.7833