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Lenox Wedding Photography Workshop with Susan Stripling

"If you really want something, you've got to ask for it."  So I did. Susan Stripling presented at Mystic Seminars and I remember the story she told during her presentation about reviewing her own work and feeling discontent. She made a decision that she had to find a way to get better or she'd consider getting out of photography all together. So she studied intensely and practiced and practiced until she had the kind of images that made her feel proud. As a result she continues to blow the rest of us away with her work. From this conference presentation, I was convinced that I needed to learn more from Susan Stripling. I wanted to know how she worked with light and I wanted to know more about her no nonsense way of running her business. Historically she taught workshops in Florida but I wished for a workshop closer to home. I saw Susan in the hotel that evening, went up to her and introduced myself.  I'm not sure why I felt so bold as to ask her: "Would you ever consider doing a workshop in the Berkshires?" "Where?" "Lenox, MA - it's only only 3 hours from NYC and 2 from Boston - it's beautiful and it would be perfect!" I saw that it peeked her interest and I followed up with her a few months later. By email we corresponded and she said yes, so I began planning and the rest is the start of the awesome Susan Stripling workshop held at Cranwell Resort recently held this month.  Twenty participants traveled to Lenox from across the US and Canada. It was such a blast having this amazing group of photogrpaphers here in my hometown for dinners out and 2 days full of learning. Susan Stripling continued to inspire us all with her creativity and ability to capture images that made you stop and think "how did she do that?" During day 1, she took the participants and the 4 bridal couples modeling for us outside in the snow to demonstrate techniques. We are so grateful to Ashley & Nate, Nicole & Shane, Stacie & John and Chrissy & Dan for generously giving their time. They looked incredible and were patient with us and the cold we subjected them to.  Thank you Danielle Webster and Sonya Heimann for doing hair and makeup and to Carolyn Valenti for providing the beautiful bouquets for each of bride. Day 2 covered more information about running a business and about workflow. We all learned so much from John and Jennifer who shared with us their knowledge about processing. I wish I could carry them with me so I could use their expertise on a daily basis. It was a much needed part of the workshop for us all. I feel fortunate to have met all the photographers who traveled by car, plane, train etc. to get to the workshop. We have a support and education group in one another and I know I find that to be one of the best parts of a workshop experience. Here are a few shots from the two days together:

It was time for us all to brave the cold outside. Pictured here are Andrea, Suzanne and Molly who came to Lenox from Boston.

Stacie and John were married in December 2011 and didn't have snow, I'm so happy we were able to give them the snow picture they had always wanted! We took some images of Chrissy and Dan outside and then inside to warm up and we all ended up shooting them in the coat room. Love these shots!

 Nicole and Shane Clark were my bride and groom in August so it was a thrill to get a second opportunity to take their photos. Instead of a hot day in August, we were out while the snow was falling. Thank you again to all the local Berkshire County newlyweds who totally rocked this shoot! Such a great group, wish we could do it again!