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September 25, 2018

Kalei & Tom's Bloom Meadows Wedding

The night before Kalei and Tom's wedding I couldn't sleep. One part for Kalei and Tom and one part for me. The part for them was that I was feeling how excited and anxious they must be. This day had been carefully planned with impeccable taste and I knew as beautiful as the details would be as it all came together, the real magic was how excited everyone around them was for this day.

Kalei and Tom met in high school and they are the first of their group of friends to get married. More than that, these two are the most genuine, open hearted, adorable and loving people you could meet. Seriously!! All of us could not wait to be a part of a celebration of a love like theirs. 

The part of me that couldn't sleep for selfish reasons was that I wanted more than anything to rise to the occasion of capturing a day that meant so much to two people who I love and care about so much. The night of their wedding I felt so deeply honored to be the one to capture this part of their love story. I'm excited to share their pictures here on the blog and I know it'll be easy to see the essence of why Kalei and Tom are adored by so many. 

Kalei and Tom, simply put, thank you.  I am so happy that two of the kindest souls have found each other. I'm lucky to call you friends.  Here's to the many, many loving and happy years ahead.