December 17, 2013

Adena and Jared's Cranwell Wedding

"What's so funny?" I heard my husband Tom ask from outside my office. I was actually laughing out loud editing these images.  It might have been while reviewing Adena's beaming smile throughout the day, recalling Jared sneezing during the bridal party portraits (yikes, maybe I had kept him outside in the cold too long) or each person's expressions as they were lifted in the chair during the reception. There were a million sentimental and joyful moments during the day and it's the reason I'm still smiling while creating this post. This was an exceptional celebration hosted by wonderful people. I cannot wait to share these with you Mr. and Mrs. Barber!  I wish you many, many happy & healthy years ahead!





Thank you to my second shooter Lisa for these shots of the guys getting ready! 

Gesundheit Jared! 

Jordan waves hello to warm up the crowd!

Clockwork kept the dance floor overflowing all night!! 

Just me and the 2 tallest guys in the room..... 

Congrats Adena and Jared!!