November 13, 2014

Jessica & Jake's Stockbridge MA Engagement Session

I met Jessica and Jake in early October for their engagement session in Stockbridge, MA. 

As Jessica and Jake told me the story of how they met and made their connection, my jaw dropped. They both live in NYC and connected online, but as they started talking, they realized that they had ties to The Berkshires in MA, as both of their grandparents had summer homes in Stockbridge. As they discussed it further, they discovered that their grandparents actually lived in the same little lake beach community just houses away from another. The possibility that they passed each other when they visited their grandparents or that they played on the same beach was very high. 

So of course, that was where we went to do their engagement photos—to go back to this place that meant so much to them. And the fact that it was a fall day, but it felt like summer, was even more perfect, and I loved everything about it. I can't wait to photograph their wedding next year at The Mount.