April 13, 2017

A visit home from school and a family portrait session

Marianne and Grey are wonderful people. Their three children reflect that. They represent to me this wonderfully active, close knit family. We've done a few family sessions, this one was squeezed in while their oldest children Jack and Grace (twins!) had their first college break. Their youngest son Connor, is currently in his last year of high school. Not only was it sweet to document this new phase in the families' life, but we were also able to get photos Connor can use for his senior portrait.

Marianne is a total rock star. She inspires me with how active and fun she is. I met Marianne when she started taking my classes. Since then she has brought ALL of her children to class. I'm lucky that being a fitness instructor is a fun way to get to know people. It's even more fun to put on my photographer hat and see them outside of the workout world and interacting with the people they love.