February 7, 2012

Sarah and Kirk Engaged!

Next month on March 9, Sarah and Kirk will exchange their vows at the First Congregational Church in Lee in front of all of their loved ones and I'll be there to capture it.  However, it's not the first time they've given their pledge to be married to one another forever. Mind if I tell you a little love story?  I'll start from the beginning. Sarah and Kirk met while attending college in Boston and were immediate friends. A romance started but ended when they went their separate ways after graduation to fulfill different plans for their future. Kirk enlisted in the Navy and was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and Sarah enrolled in Law School in Boston. Years went by and Kirk hadn't forgotten Sarah, and so he decided to take a chance and give her a call.  The call was unexpected  by Sarah and they talked for a long time to catch up on the years that had passed. Days later Sarah was moving her things into a new apartment in Boston and her mother came to help. During the day, Sarah mentioned to her mom that a boy named Kirk had called her and how nice their conversation had been. However, Sarah dismissed it quickly and wondered out loud, "What is the point anyway? I live here and he lives in North Carolina." Sarah's mom chimed in, "Well, so what? Long distance relationships can work too Sarah!" Sarah listened to her mother and this time Sarah decided to make a call to Kirk. Many phone calls and visits later, Sarah and Kirk picked up from where they had left off in college. As Kirk was getting ready to be discharged to Afghanistan with the Navy, Sarah and Kirk made plans to marry before he departed.  Sarah and Kirk married on March 9, 2009 in a small ceremony and months later in June, Kirk left to serve for our country overseas. Kirk is now home safe and sound and this March 9 will mark their 3-year anniversary. That day, they will have the big wedding ceremony and celebration that they've been waiting for and this time it will take place with all of their friends and family. I asked Sarah and Kirk about their story during our engagement session and then asked if I could share it. Love it! There's so much to celebrate and I'm thrilled to be a part of their occasion and grateful to have met them through my photography. This past November our Berkshire County engagement session had us smiling and laughing the entire time. Congrats to you Sarah and Kirk! See you in a month. Here are some black and white favorites from their engagement session: