January 17, 2018

Your Online Gallery

Years ago you had to select order prints of the images that you wanted to have forever.  That isn’t how it works with us. I want you to have ALL of your memories in your possession forever and ever. I also want you to share your images freely and without hesitation.  This is why I deliver your images via an online gallery.  This means that you don’t have to wait for a package to arrive in the mail and you’ll have access to them wherever you are.  I’ve listed some important information that will help you understand your online gallery and all that it can do on the next page.  Enjoy! 



You will be able to download your edited high resolution images directly from your online gallery to your computer. This process is very simple, once you have logged into the gallery using your email and the password we provide to you, you can choose to download one specific image (hover over the image and click on the cloud with the down arrow, your photos will download directly to your “Downloads” folder), or you can click the Download button to download the entire gallery, you will be notified via email when your entire download is ready. It takes a few minutes to prepare for hundreds of images to be downloaded. 



Your photos will look just as beautiful on your phone, and is easy to share with friends.



You can actually order professional and affordable prints from within your online gallery and have them shipped directly to your home. Print sizes are all under $25 and are printed in a professional lab to ensure color and contrast accuracy. You are more than welcome to print images on your own. However, I would warn you to avoid Walmart, Target, CVS and Costco. I cannot promise that your colors will print true-to-life if you choose to print at those stores.  If you don’t print through your gallery, I recommend using Mpix.com. 



I have great news, your galleries will remain open for 3 months.  However, even though you will have access to your images for a long time, I would still recommend downloading them and saving them in multiple places for safe keeping.



You have the freedom to share your images in any way that you choose. These are your images, and I want you to love them so much that you can’t help but share them.  I don’t believe that it is necessary to watermark our images.  All I ask for is some type of credit whenever you use an image on social media, this is really important to our studio and #triciamccormackphotography is always appreciated.

I only have ONE rule when it comes to what you can and cannot do with our work. I always encourage our clients not to re-edit their images. Let us do that expertly. However, if you have an image or two that you want to print at a very large size and you find an imperfection, I will gladly perfect it.