PHOTOGRAPHER – Tricia McCormack Photography
VENUE – Taggart House
FLORIST – Township Four

Corey and Taylor’s New Year’s Eve wedding was cozy and festive. While they had originally planned on having a much larger wedding in Vermont, COVID derailed their 2020 plans. They were not a couple that wanted to reschedule and rearrange, so the Taggart House in Stockbridge, Massachusetts was a perfect spot for their day. Just their immediate family, a handful a vendors, and myself were there. It was stunning! A small ceremony in the conservatory of the Taggart House. Family members watching from cozy chairs covered with fluffy blankets. Corey wore a white sweater and carried a beautiful seasonal bouquet. Her sisters in satin and velvet made the small bridal party look classy and sophisticated. It wouldn’t be a New Year’s celebration without party hats and champagne celebrating their love and a new year.